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At Florida Hose & Rubber, we pride ourselves on product availability, quality, convenience, and most importantly, our service. We have been serving individuals, manufacturing and industrial businesses, government and military entities of Northwest Florida for over 16 years. We are proud to serve the beautiful Gulf Coast where we live, work, and serve our community in many different capacities.

Here at Florida Hose & Rubber we provide fittings for virtually any industrial, marine, military, commercial or automotive application. We have everything imaginable for hydraulic applications and every type of product for conveying liquids – from waste water to chemicals. We have belting and pneumatic components, as well. Plus we have the gaskets, adapters, adhesives, O-Rings, and sealants that ensure a professional, reliable result.

If you need a hard to find hose or fitting, we either have it, can make it or know where to find it. If you need a hose or need a custom hose assembly we have the equipment and experience to make it in house while you wait. We now also offer a fully equipped, mobile service unit, allowing us to make repairs on your site. It’s like having your own Florida Hose & Rubber workshop on any project site.

Over the years we have solved an amazing variety of hose and rubber related issues. We know where the limits are, and we know what works and what doesn’t. Our experience is hard-earned, but is our gift to you, every time you trust us with your business. We work with a wide range of manufacturers and products and are in a position to see the performance of specific products in-the-field. We can save you a lot of experimentation and guess work relative to product performance. We’ve seen it all in action and can help you separate fact from fiction when discovering the specific products you need to employ.
Florida Hose & Rubber is here to help you protect your equipment. We can pressure test your hose assemblies and certify their fitness for the application. We can survey your hose and rubber applications and suggest application improvements that could save you money or prevent costly downtime. Often we can identify small problems that – if corrected – will extend the life of your equipment and improve its efficiency. We offer a 24/7 fully equipped service unit for your convenience. We’ll be there for you no matter what day of the week or hour of the day.

We are excited to help each and every one of our customers and look forward to helping you. Thank you for your business and we hope for your continued success.

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